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Are you looking for a pharmacy that does more than hand you a prescription in a paper bag?

Best-Rx Pharmacy® is a caring place where you can get personalized service from licensed pharmacists who go the extra mile for you. The store is as unique as the community they serve and that’s what local business is all about.


We operate under our motto; "People Before Profit".


The owners and staff at Best-Rx Pharmacy® understand that good patient care is more than just a simple prescription fill.  Best-Rx Pharmacy® will provide you with tailored care to help you manage your overall wellness. Whether you have questions about your medications or your medical conditions, you can sit down with a professional who will give you the attention you deserve and take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns — just like a good neighbor should. It's an environment rarely experienced today.

Best-Rx Pharmacy®   provides customized care to nursing, assisted living, and group homes. We also carry a wide range of home health care products.

We guarantee:

  - Fast, friendly, and accurate full pharmacy service

  - Free home delivery

  - Lowest prescription price and matching competitor's actual price

  - No long wait in line or endless telephone prompts to reach someone

  - We accept all insurances including AHCCCS

  - Refill and delivery requests are processed within the same / one business day. 


 Covid-19 available on a walk-in basis

Pediatric Covid-19 Vaccines available from age

Same Day Free Delivery

Professional, friendly and comfortable pharmacy setting

A helpful staff will answer your call immediately, no long waits ever!

Our competent staff ensure shortest wait time for your prescriptions.

Assisting a Customer

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